Relationship Rescue (couples session)

Do You Wish Your Partner, Spouse or Child Came with an Owner's Manual? 

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Do you often feel misunderstood in one or more of your relationships? Do you feel frustrated with your partner because you don’t understand their views or motives behind some of the things they say or do? What if you could speak their language?

Wish your child came with an owner’s manual? What about the teen who seems to be growing further apart from the family or becoming that dreaded wild-child you feared? If you can’t seem to meet eye-to-eye on much, there’s a solution to understanding your teen, tween or child.

A Relationship Rescue Session will show you how to crack open the mind and soul of the person you want to understand and give you the tools to begin speaking their language! Most relationship trouble stems from not recognizing and understanding the differences of others.

The classic nagging wife and tuned-out husband is really a case of a mental-based person paired with a physical-based person. They simply don’t know how to speak the language of the other person! When you know how to approach someone from their perspective, communication and understanding are significantly improved.

Once you intimately know the differences of the other person, you can appreciate them. Frustration is replaced by patience, understanding and clear communication
In-person only in the Los Angeles California area unless Michelle is traveling for events in other cities. Pre-booking is required prior to upcoming travel (see Event Schedule tab)

(Please note that all personal information is kept strictly confidential and is not distributed in any way.

Legal Disclaimer: Relationship Rescue Sessions are for entertainment purposes only. The information you receive during a Relationship Rescue Session should not be used to substitute or replace legal, medical, psychological counsel or any other counsel from a qualified professional.