Numerology Certification Program


Become A Certified Numerologist!

COMING SOON! For those students who have completed the three level course, they have the opportunity to become registered in the national Numerology Registry as a Certified Numerologist! There is no registry out there for professional numerologists yet and this gives us a way to solidify and authenticate our career. Yahoo!!
Numerologist Certification Program
Numerology Practitioner I, II, III

Solve the puzzle of life by learning the Science of Numbers!
Are you a natural scientist with a thirst for answers to life’s issues?

Are you constantly having relationship issues or life problems that you cannot resolve?

Want to be able to predict the future and know what lies ahead with your life lessons?

Interested in helping others on their own journeys?  ……  then this course is for you!

  • Learn about the history of Pythagorean numerology as a science and how numbers affect our lives.
  • Introduction to the nine base numbers as taught by Pythagoras.
  • The Birth Chart and how to construct and complete.
  • Meanings of numbers as displayed on the Birth Chart
  • The Arrows of Individuality
  • Learn how to complete and deliver a Birth Chart reading.


  • Ruling Numbers – our essence or life path in this incarnation.
  • Day Numbers – the day you were born holds special significance.
  • The 9-Year Cycles of Maturity – discover your major growth periods.
  • The Pyramid and the Peaks and how to calculate them.
  • Learn how to complete a reading using both Level I and Level II information.


  • The meaning of a name and constructing a Name Chart.
  • The Soul Urge number – the soul of a name.
  • The Karmic Numbers – life lessons carried forward from other lifetimes.
  • Recommend suitable locations for families/businesses, based on address.
  • Give advice on telephone numbers, seeing number sequences in dreams/awake & much more!
  • Have the knowledge to successfully complete/deliver a full numerology reading from start to finish.
  • Start attracting clients and earning money through private sessions and teaching the power of numbers.


The Numerologist Certification Program is designed for those who wish to gain a better understanding of themselves, others and life. Numerology gives us a detailed road map to navigate and understand our lives. It can also enhance and improve our relationships with those who cross our paths. Using numerology, we can find more effective ways to interact and communicate with others in our lives. We can better understand and appreciate our differences instead of feeling frustrated by them.

The course is broken down into three levels: Numerology Practitioner I, II, III. For each level completed, you receive a certificate of completion and the designation for that level. The third level is the Master level or Professional Numerologist designation. Upon completion of the last level, you are qualified to charge a fee for your readings. As well, after receiving your Master designation if you so desire, you may teach the science of numerology to others.

Gain a better understanding of yourself and your life.
Help others understand themselves and provide them with guidance to help them on their journey.
Earn an income.

These are just a few of the benefits of learning the science of Numerology. Get started today on your Professional Numerologist designation. If taken as a correspondence course, classes are on-going so you can work at your own pace, there is no time limit.


The fee for each level is $125 which includes an instruction manual/workbook as well as email support. The fee also includes your certificate of completion that will be awarded upon completing each level.


When you have completed the study portion of each level, you will be required to complete practice readings on someone you choose or you can be paired with another student. The first and second levels require 2 practice readings and the Master level requires 5 full readings to be completed.


Numerology Practitioner I – $125
Numerology Practitioner II – $125
Numerology Practitioner III – $125
All Three Levels – $325 (Save $50!)
Email Support – Included in fee
Manual/Workbook – included in fee
Replacement Manual/Workbook $20
Certificate of Completion – included in fee

*No refunds once course materials have been sent (either electronic copy or hard copy).
You can choose to purchase one level at a time or buy the complete course all at once and save $50!
*After purchasing, you will receive the materials through email within 24 hours.