Testimonials from Hollywood 

  1. Vanessa Mills, Makeup Artist & Founder of VMMA
    "Michelle, thank you so much for an amazing experience! Being a skeptical person, I just have to say how spot on you were with me! I am completely blown away with the reading you gave me. You have an amazing gift and I hope many others will experience what I have with you. Thank you for being whom you are. I look forward to speaking with you again."
  2. Marie D. Jones, Bestselling Author
    "When it comes to being authentic, and teaching others to live authentically, Michelle Arbeau is the real deal. Her natural talents shine, and she helps others to ``find their shine`` as well, with her ability to bring out the best in everyone. Being authentic in a world that supports conformity is difficult at best. Michelle Arbeau stands at the forefront of those amazing leaders who can teach us to overcome our fears, insecurities and programmed beliefs of the past so we can become who we were truly meant to be."
  3. Jan Anderson, Actress, Curb Your Enthusiasm
    "Michelle has the instinctive intuition that gets straight to the very core of the blockages in your life. She has a warm and compassionate way of advising you on your journey and directing you in the right direction with the numbers that never lie!! She is for sure tapped in and has a great depth of understanding in the spiritual field, and i was amazed at her knowledge of the numbers and their power!! I would recommend anyone seeking some clarity on their path to take a session with this wonderful lady!!"
  4. Doug Jack, Emmy Award-Winning Choreographer/Crayon Artist
    "Michelle is the only person that would, that should and that Will be (if you are honest with your Authentic self) ... ever considered to show the world how to be authentic. There is not one shred of doubt in me that she is in Fact the One and Only person to do this Job."
  5. Amadou Ly, Twilight Vampire, Breaking Dawn
    "Sometimes we're not sure why we're feeling different energies in life but after talking to Michelle, it all made sense."
  6. Steve Allen, Founder & President of Steve Allen Media
    "Michelle is someone our firm will support for the next 50 years because when you go to the dictionary to look up authenticity, it says Michelle Arbeau."
  7. Ricky Powell, NBC Director & The Happiness Guy
    "Until I met Michelle, I had never personally known a numerologist let alone received an analysis from one. Michelle was absolutely spot on when it came to reading me. Simply by writing down my Birthday, she was able to give me an accurate description of my personality and strengths and more importantly confirmed what I believe I am on course for this year. Michelle has a very keen understanding of the human spirit and I would recommend her to anyone who is wondering what the future holds for them."
  8. Treva Etienne, Pirates of the Caribbean Actor
    "Michelle, you have a rare gift as a communicator and I am always impressed with your amazing spiritual insight. Thank you for all your support."
  9. Jillian Barberie, Actress/TV Host
    "Wow! Thanks for making my day! Who knew? It was very cool to read!!!"