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"Sweet Treat Deal"

What is a Numerology Session?

The Sweet Treat Deal is a limited exclusive offer that gives you a full in-depth numerology session which includes a 45 minute phone consultation, 50+ numerology chart and an MP3 audio file of the session. All this for only $97 (reg. $295)!
**Limited time offer, one per customer.

When you purchase a Numerology Session, you get a full report detailing the many aspects of you and a verbally** delivered personalized indepth analysis from Celebrity Numerologist Michelle Arbeau.  Contained within the report is an overview of your life purpose and a birth chart is prepared for you, highlighting your strengths and weakness as well as your Life Path number which describes why you are here in this life and your best options to fulfill it.

We will also go even more in-depth to discover your greatest strengths / weaknesses and HOW you can work with your gifts and overcome your challenges to live life to the fullest. In addition, your house number and phone numbers are also explored to discover whether they are helping or hindering you.
Your personal year cycles and your cycles of maturity are also calculated for you.  These cycles can show you what options are available for you in the future.  Your name is analyzed to determine whether it energetically compliments or detracts from your Life Theme number.  Find out who you, what you’re here to do and how to accomplish it!  Like Pythagoras said, “Everything lies veiled in numbers”.

Sessions can be done in-person (in Los Angeles, CA), by phone or through email.  You receive a copy of the numerological charts/information as well as a recorded CD of the session.

To perform the necessary numerological calculations, Michelle requires your full name at birth (including middle) as well as your present full name, your birth date, house number and phone number(s). To schedule a reading, please use the BUY NOW buttons to the right and then use the Schedule button to book your date/time. 

For those who prefer the traditional payment methods, cheque or money order is also accepted (mailing address will be provided after you schedule your session).

The fee for a Numerology Session also includes any follow-up questions you may have about the reading after your session for a period of 1 week. Follow-up questions are answered by email only. Use the contact form on the Contact page up on the main menu bar.


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Only need a quick point in the right direction? A 20 min session may be all you need! (for those with ONE area of focus such as career, relationships or health.

Have an extra question or two? A 45 min session should do the trick! (a more in-depth session covering several areas such as career, relationships, health) 


A full 90 min session will fully assist you in navigating life’s road. (the full meal deal covering all the main areas such as career, relationships, health and analysis of your connections with 1-2 other people in your life.

3 Types of Sessions:

"A Quick Question?"
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"Looking for a little more direction?"


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"Totally Lost & Need a Map?"


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To book a session, click first on the Buy Now button and when finished with your transaction, go to the yellow "Click to Schedule" button to pick a date/time for your session from my calendar.