Number Power: Become a Super-Hero Realtor!

Every realtor knows numbers are important when it comes to buying and selling real estate but there’s more than meets the eye. Contained within the numbers, whether it’s the price, property address or age of your client, is the potential to turn you into a selling machine.

This powerful new transformative Lunch ‘n Learn session is geared specifically toward assisting realtors buying/selling in a market constricted by the financial crisis.
The Walmart Pricing Model: Why Odd Pricing Works (.88, .97)

Realtors often price properties just under the target price they’re aiming for to create the illusion of a deal. If a home owner wants to sell for $500,000, a realtor will set the price at $499,500 or a similar price combination just under the wire. Surprisingly, changing the price by just a few dollars can drastically change the price perspective.

Points Covered:

Why Walmart pricing works, even when buying and selling real estate.

Prices ending in sequences like 88, 77, 97 are much more likely to create a bidding war. The trick is how and where to use them in the listing price and even in counter offers.

Not every type of property works with odd pricing. Find out which ones sell like hot potatoes and which ones turn cold if this technique is used on them.
Look to the House Address to Determine your Target Market of a Property Like the price, the address can be a turn on or a turn off depending on the clientele you’re marketing to. Most realtors have had clients say they love the house but it’s not quite right. They provide no particular reason and they might not even be aware that it is in fact the house energy not resonating with them. If a bachelor is looking for the bachelor lifestyle and is shown a bachelor pad that carries a “nesting energy” address, he will likely be inclined to feel like something is “off”, even if it is very esthetically appealing to him.

Points Covered:

Find out which property addresses fit with which target markets, how to utilize the address of a property to fine-tune your selling tactics to narrow in on your target market, maximizing the potential to sell quickly.

There is are a few property addresses that tend to sit on the market longer because they carry a very niche market energy and not many people can feel comfortable in them. Find out which ones to avoid and if you must take one on, how to successfully market to them.
Age Group of Buyers/Sellers Determines their Perspective/Expectations

It’s obvious that a twenty-something client has a different perspective and wish list than a fifty-something client in terms of their wants and needs in a property but there is an even more subtle aspects that you need to be aware of in order to swiftly close the deal.

Points Covered:

Regardless of the maturity level and the wish list of a younger buyer, they will ALWAYS have this one thing in common when looking for a property. Knowing this one thing can narrow the search and make for a quick deal.

Despite typically having more money to play with, the 50+ age group is actually the hardest market to satisfy. Learn the 3 key points that need to be covered if you want to successfully sell quickly to this group.

Land or Sea? Many retirees often flock to the sun, sand and water areas to purchase a retirement home or vacation property but the tides are turning. A new market is emerging who are being “called” to the ocean. Find out which age group it is (hint: not the twenty-something) and why they’re not going to be swayed with the same selling tactics you’d use on the typical retiree looking for an oceanfront view.
Best Times to Buy and Sell (and it’s not just Spring)
Spring is typically the hot time to buy or sell a home but surprisingly fall can have its own brief window of market heat – if you catch it at the right time. The highest change month of the year is September (9). School is back in session, fall air is creeping in and many of us feel like we need to take action on new projects and ideas. September is the unofficial New Year.

Points Covered:

What target markets are open to this hot fall window of change and prime to either buy or sell.
Pricing and listings need to be tweaked slightly to appeal to this unique fall window and the markets it targets.
What properties are poised to sell better in the fall than in the spring and why.
Are you Attracting or Driving Clients Away with Your Business Card?

Most real estate agents give some thought to their professional name. Some add a middle initial or go by a nickname to distinguish themselves from another John Smith agent in their arena. As a selling tactic, a name can make or break you. Look at celebrities who choose a stage name. For many, their real names leave much to be desired and it’s no wonder they chose to change their public perception via their name. Whether you’re a celebrity or a real estate agent, the rules are the same. Your name can be attracting people or driving them away. What is your name saying about you?

Points Covered:

What does your name mean on an energetic level? When a client reads your name, what do they intuitively sense just from reading it?

Using initials or middle names: What does that add or subtract from your overall image?

Slogans and catch-phrases: What is yours really saying to potential clients?

Business names: Your realtor firm name may or may not resonate with your own energy. How to find out if it does and what to do if it doesn’t.

Phone numbers are another key factor. What are people “dialing into” when they call your number? Sometimes catchy repeating numbers aren’t the best option.

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