Name Analysis

Telephone Numbers

Fun Fact: When analyzing your phone number to see what energy it's attracting, don't look at the area code because many people share it and the next three digits are also shared by a lot of people.

What you need to analyze is the last four digits because they are unique to you. Add up the last four digits in your number to get the sum and then reduce to a single digit. 

For example, if your number ends in 4356, the sum is 4+3+5+6=18, 1+8=9. Your phone number is a 9.

What Does Your Name Mean?

The perfect name combination can attract customers in droves or drive them all away. It doesn’t matter who we are, what we have to offer or if we have the best product in the world, the name is the first energetic vibration others will feel when they come into contact with you or your business.

Want to know what your birth name, nickname or professional name means and how it is affecting your life in positive and negative ways? Then a GENERAL NAME ANALYSIS is required.

Are you thinking about having children, already expecting or just had your bundle of joy but have yet to settle on a name? A complete BABY NAMES ANALYSIS is important in order to know whether you’ve decided on a name that will benefit your child on all levels.

How do your current and potential customers see you? When it comes to names and branding, there’s more than meets the eye.

Look at some of the many successful brands and business names that have carved a niche out for themselves. Many of them aren’t the most attractive names but they have a spark that makes them go viral. Nike, Starbucks, McDonalds – none of them are particularly catchy or attractive names but all of them are household names. Starbucks is a 6 name which is a perfect vibration for a coffee shop. 6 is the creative number but also the nurturing and “motherly” energy. As a house frequency for example, a 6 house feels like home – a cozy, nurturing nest for all inside it.

What is your BUSINESS NAME emitting on an energetic basis? Like Starbucks, is it complimentary to your industry? Is it attracting customers or driving them away?
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(Please note that all personal information is kept strictly confidential and is not distributed in any way.

Legal Disclaimer: Name Analysis Sessions are for entertainment purposes only. The information you receive during a Name Analysis Sessions should not be used to substitute or replace legal, medical, psychological counsel or any other counsel from a qualified professional.)
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Up to 5 names analyzed with either personal or business names. When booking, please provide the names you would like to have analyzed.